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    • The Dangers of DIY Estate Planning

      “Can’t I just use an online will creator?” “My [son/sister/friend]’s estate is pretty small. An internet form will work for that, right?” I am no stranger to the do-it-yourself approach—I’m married to an engineer, after all. We enjoy personally maintaining our bicycles, we do a lot of our own car maintenance, and we even attempted to sand and refinish our hardwood floors (that was less of a ...
    • Estate Planning for Military Families

      Estate Planning can be daunting for anyone. The dizzying array of benefits and options coupled with the emotional charge of knowing that a loved one may be in harm’s way when serving the country adds additional challenges to the process. This article briefly explores the unique issues military families face when preparing their Estate Plan. We will continue this subject with a subsequent ...
    • TRUMP and TAXES - How Does This Impact Your Estate Plan?

      (W&M Law Student and Spring 2017 Extern) The results of the 2016 Presidential election were surprising to some and a relief to others. Towards the end of the election season, the spotlight was focused on Clinton’s campaign and less attention appeared to be given to Trump’s tax policy position. In order to help our clients better understand our 45 th President’s tax policy proposal and its ...
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