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    • Organ Donation and Your Estate Plan

      I often get questions about Organ Donation provisions in Medical Directives and funeral instructions. Having witnessed a kidney donation in my family last summer, I thought our clients may be interested in how organ donation works both in life and after death, how decisions about organ donation are made, and what they should do to make informed decisions about their own wishes. Why donate? ...
    • Trump and Taxes, Part Deux

      Some of you may remember my Article from February 2017 where I discussed potential elements of a future Trump tax plan. Well, here we are again. On September 27, 2017, President Trump’s administration published its tax reform plan, identified as the Tax Reform Framework (the “Tax Plan” for the remainder of this article). You can go straight to the source and review the Tax Plan for yourself by ...

      The phrase “intellectual property” probably sounds familiar to you, but you are not alone if you don’t fully understand its meaning. Intellectual property is better understood when we break it down into its sub-components of copyrights, patents, and trademarks. These three categories of intellectual property commonly include symbols, logos, music, literature, art, and inventions. When someone ...
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