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    • A Cautionary Tale: Beneficiary Designations

      At Johnson, Gasink & Baxter, LLP every client with a trust-based plan has been given custom advice and instruction on “funding” their trust with their assets. Unfortunately, not everyone gives trust funding its due respect, and some clients fail to fully fund their trusts. When it comes to funding a trust, I can provide the advice and direction, but the responsibility is really on the client to ...

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    • Final Hour Changes to Tax Law

      As 2017 quickly winds down, I find myself reflecting on the past year and speculating as to what the New Year will bring. Most of us would agree that the past twelve months have certainly been tumultuous. In the beginning of 2017 we saw Donald Trump take his seat as the 45 th President of the United States and with that he ushered in a significant shift in American politics. This past year has ...


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    • Three Ways To Cash In On The New Tax Plan Before The End Of The Year

      Clients often ask us for tips on how they can avoid paying Federal Income Taxes. Typically, we refer these folks to their financial and tax advisors for advice. This year has been an unusual year and we have had the opportunity to speak to many of our friends in financial advising and accounting on the subject of smart tax strategies for 2018. This newsletter briefly explores three strategies that ...
    • Changing the Irrevocable

      Congratulations! You’ve completed your estate plan and everything is good to go. You’ve selected a living trust to protect yourself, your assets, and your family. However, as the grantor, once you are gone (or incapacitated) your living trust becomes irrevocable. What happens if changes need to be made? What happens if the law changes and what was once a good plan turns into a plan no longer ...
    • Can't I Just Create My Own LLC Online in 5 Minutes?

      I am fortunate to meet with a wide variety of people in my practice. Often, I discover that many of these people have started their own businesses. Having an entrepreneurial streak, I feel excitement for my clients that are carving out a piece of the American dream for themselves when starting new ventures. However, my excitement often turns quickly to disappointment when I ask them which attorney ...


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    • Can You Probate a Missing Will?

      June brings the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. JGB just celebrated its 9 th birthday and we hope all our clients and friends are all doing well and are enjoying the Virginia spring. Note to our professional advisor friends: Please ‘save the date’ for JGB’s annual three-hour CE class this fall on the following afternoons (details to follow later): September 12: Virginia Beach ...
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