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    • A Cautionary Tale: Beneficiary Designations

      At Johnson, Gasink & Baxter, LLP every client with a trust-based plan has been given custom advice and instruction on “funding” their trust with their assets. Unfortunately, not everyone gives trust funding its due respect, and some clients fail to fully fund their trusts. When it comes to funding a trust, I can provide the advice and direction, but the responsibility is really on the client to ...

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    • Final Hour Changes to Tax Law

      As 2017 quickly winds down, I find myself reflecting on the past year and speculating as to what the New Year will bring. Most of us would agree that the past twelve months have certainly been tumultuous. In the beginning of 2017 we saw Donald Trump take his seat as the 45 th President of the United States and with that he ushered in a significant shift in American politics. This past year has ...


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    • Can the Bank Make Me Refinance?

      Heirs and beneficiaries often call the firm asking whether they need to refinance when they inherit property. Many worry they could not qualify for a loan on the property they inherited. Although the law regarding forced refinancing is clear and settled, most folks are unaware of their rights. Mortgages 101 Most debt is cancelled on the death of the debtor. The word ‘mortgage’ comes from French ...

      Clients often ask if they should put their vehicle into the name of their trust. The answer, as you may have come to expect from me, is “it depends.” Academically, all currently income taxable assets should be held in your trust in order to avoid guardianship and probate exposure upon a disability or death. However, there are also some practical concerns that should be considered when deciding ...
    • Choosing a Guardian

      On October 14, 2017, my husband and I welcomed our first child to this world. It has been an exciting—and exhausting—three month transition from a family of two to a family of three. Babies frequently bring both joy and stress to new parents. Dealing with doctor’s appointments, finding a suitable daycare, and ensuring baby is hitting her milestones are all common worries new parents face. ...
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