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      The phrase “intellectual property” probably sounds familiar to you, but you are not alone if you don’t fully understand its meaning. Intellectual property is better understood when we break it down into its sub-components of copyrights, patents, and trademarks. These three categories of intellectual property commonly include symbols, logos, music, literature, art, and inventions. When someone ...
    • Contesting a Will or Trust

      After going through the time and effort of creating an estate plan, you will want to ensure it is legally binding and that your loved ones follow the guidelines you set for them. Unfortunately, your last wishes may be disregarded if an heir or beneficiary contests your will or trust. Although estate contests are not the norm, they are hardly uncommon and can seriously derail an otherwise ...
    • Taxation of Trusts

      There is a great deal of confusion about the taxation of trusts. In this article, I hope to cut through the jargon and lawyer mumbo jumbo (technical term) so that you will have a better understanding of how trusts are treated by the tax code. First, we need to step away from a monolithic view of the tax code. There are many different types of federal tax that could impact a trust at different ...
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