Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • The Dangers of DIY Estate Planning

    “Can’t I just use an online will creator?” “My [son/sister/friend]’s estate is pretty small. An internet form will work for that, right?” I am no stranger to the do-it-yourself approach—I’m married to an engineer, after all. We enjoy personally maintaining our bicycles, we do a lot of our own car maintenance, and we even attempted to sand and refinish our hardwood floors (that was less of a ...
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  • Estate Planning In a Digital Age

    In the days where vinyl records were king your living room shelves may have been filled with your music library. Today shelf space is less of a concern for our music because more and more people utilize their computer to store their digital music library. You may now be asking yourself, what does music have to do with estate planning? The answer is the digitalization of music is a great ...
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