Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • Writing Your Own Estate Plan

    The following article discusses some of the many reasons you should not write your own testamentary plan. Even with services like LegalZoom, every state has different laws on estate planning and these generic forms will not suffice. Finding forms online will only cover the very basic necessities and there is no guaranty that it will comply your state’s law and avoid intestacy. ...
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  • Estate Planning Check Up

    Many people foolishly believe one estate plan, without subsequent reviews and edits, is sufficient for their needs. In many instances this results in out of date documents that are inconsistent with current wishes and goals. The acquisition of new assets, moving to another state, or even loss of trusted family members/friends all happen in normal life and can significantly impact your estate plan. ...
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  • The Ins And Outs of Inheriting an IRA

    An IRA is often one of the largest assets in an inheritance. It has tax benefits and passes quickly after death to the beneficiaries. This article discusses some of the issues involved in inheriting an IRA but misses some other important ones. Bottom line: read this for general info but please call us and your financial advisor before you fill in a IRA claim or rollover form. IRA inheritance ...
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  • What You Need T Know As A Beneficiary

    The duties of an executor of an estate are equivalent to a full-time job. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process where beneficiaries can receive their money or specific devises quickly and hassle-free. In distributing the estate, the executor must be sworn in by the court, or if the named executor is not able to serve, an administrator must be named. The executor must pay all debts and taxes ...
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  • Looking For a New Supreme Court Justice

    The recent and unexpected death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has put significant pressure on Congress and thrown quite a curve ball into an already contentious presidential race. Professor Lauren Bell gives some helpful analysis and insight into what we can expect over the coming months as the next Supreme Court Justice is nominated and the confirmation process unfolds. ...
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