Blog Posts in February, 2016

  • Donor Advised Funds

    Clients often ask me about Donor Advised Funds. Donor Advised Funds are a great alternative to family foundations and charitable trusts for those who want to give thousands to charity instead of millions. I spent some time doing research for a future newsletter and came across this CFP’s blog, which is much easier to understand than the technical reports I first came across: ...
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  • Leaving Money to No One

    The attached article talks about a business man and Holocaust survivor, at his passing his estate was worth almost $40 million. This individual had no estate plan in place, so with no known heirs to speak of the state will likely get all of his money. While this is an extreme case, it goes to show why having the correct documents in place is important to ensure that your money goes where you would ...
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  • Don't be too cheap to buy life insurance

    JGB is a Trust & Estates law firm; we do not sell any insurance. Sometimes our clients do not understand we recommend they get life insurance or increase their insurance. This column explains why a person may need more life insurance than they thought. - Dan
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