Blog Posts in April, 2016

  • Celebrities Who Have No Estate Plan

    What can you learn from Prince's estate? That you need to plan for your own affairs. Read the two below articles, one discusses Prince's estate in more detail and the other reminds us of other famous musicians who passed away with no plan in place. Prince's estate: 6 key questions answered 6 legendary stars who died without wills - Dan
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  • The Cost of Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer’s effects millions of people, not just those dealing with the disease, but also their family members. This article looks at the effect that Alzheimer’s has on caregivers of people dealing with this disease and the hardships that some individuals are facing because of cost of care. Proper planning can be a beneficial tool to avoid financial hardships on caregivers and loved ones. ...
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  • Doctors End of Life Decisions

    Please take a moment to read this article. It examines the startling difference between end of life decisions doctors make for themselves, versus the decisions the majority of the population makes for themselves or their loved ones. -Spencer
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  • Can I retire?

    Do I have enough savings to last my lifetime? We get these questions from clients all the time. The short answer I give is to talk to your financial advisor – we know many good ones if you need a recommendation. This article from USA Today explores how few Americans feel secure in their retirement savings: ...
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