Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • When should I update my will?

    The simple answer is to update your will any time there is a change in your beneficiaries, representatives, estate assets or the tax law. The following article lists some specific dates to look for- if your will predates the listed dates you may want to come in for a technical update even if your situation has not changed. -Dan ...
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  • Choosing How We Die

    A new proposal on “advanced care planning” may soon change how patients are able to navigate their end-of-life choices. Read the below article by Theresa Brown to learn more about the current statues and the proposed changes. “Patients have little guidance in navigating end-of-life choices, and doctors have little incentive to offer it. That may soon change: On July 8 the Centers for Medicare and ...
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  • Oh Don't Worry, My Kids Get Along Great!

    I truly wish that every one of my clients was 100% correct when they said, “Oh don’t worry, my kids get along great. There won’t be any problems between them at my death.” The sad reality is that not all siblings get along. Grudges between siblings can lie dormant for years, kept at bay by parents acting as referees. Once the parents are deceased, the anger between siblings can quickly grow out of ...
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  • Hare and Tortoise run/walk

    JGB is proud to sponsor the Hare and Tortoise run/walk September 12. The race raises money for ovarian cancer in honor of Karene O'Hare. Come join the fun for a good cause:
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  • The Importance of Your Personal Property Memorandum

    Family disputes over a loved one’s personal belongings are a common problem that can be avoided with proper planning. Frequently, emotions get heated for items with high sentimental or pecuniary value. This article about Robin Williams’ bicycle collection illustrates why you may want to fill out a personal property memorandum instead of leaving distribution to your trustee’s discretion. ​-Kelsey ...
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