Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Common Platform for Electronic Medical Records, are you ready?

    Good news for those of us in Hampton Roads- The largest local health care providers have signed on to a common platform for electronic medical records. Incidentally, if you have not reviewed your own Health Care Power, Living Will, and HIPAA medical privacy release recently, be sure to dust it off and make sure you do not need any changes. ...
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  • "When I win the Lottery" and "If I die"

    These are two statements we hear routinely in our practice. I usually suggest that they have these statements reversed. Instead, it should be “When I die” and “If I win the Lottery”. We get to work through some interesting hypothetical situations when discussing how to plan a client’s estate. To that end, here is a helpful piece on Lotteries and the Federal Estate Tax from the National Association ...
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  • Canada's Approach to "Estate Taxes"

    Over the years I have been witness to numerous harangues over our “flawed” US Tax Code. I even had one client threaten to renounce their US citizenship and move to Canada. (As a side note, renouncing US citizenship and transferring assets abroad has its own sophisticated tax implications.) The threat of casting off one’s allegiance to the US got me interested to see if Canada did indeed have a ...
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  • Estate planning: Not just for the 1%

    This weeks blog discusses Estate Planning, and why it is for the average American household, not just the top 1%. See this article written by Ivory Johnson, discussing different types of estates, taxes that go with the estate, and why planning is important to you. "There's a common misperception that estate planning is reserved for the wealthy, as an attempt to shield assets from the grasp of ...
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