Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Experts on Aging, Dying as They Lived

    The attached article, written by Alexandra Butler, discusses how to prepare and speak to your family about how you would like to spend your last weeks. "At 10 years old I knew my parents did not wish to be resuscitated nor plugged into machines in the event of serious illness. They told me they were not afraid of death but rather of being kept alive at any cost. I knew they would refuse medical ...
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  • IRS Finalizes Portability Rules for Estate Tax Exemptions

    Just in case you haven’t been focusing all of your attention on changing tax regulations, you should be aware that the IRS has issued the final rules governing portability election for a deceased spouse’s unused estate tax exemption. The previous portability rules were only temporary in nature. In simpler terms, this is an option for a surviving spouse to claim their deceased spouse’s estate tax ...
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  • Alzheimer's Awareness

    Johnson, Gasink, & Baxter, LLP is pleased to announce our support for the walk to end Alzheimer’s. We are working to bring awareness to this disease that currently affects 1 in 3 seniors. Alzheimer’s is in the top 10 causes of death in the United States, and has affected too many of our clients and family. See the links below for our team page, and for more facts concerning Alzheimer’s. ...
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  • Guardianship changes in Florida

    The attached article written by Carli Teproff and Kathleen McGrory discuss guardianship and proposed changes to the law. "...Lawmakers in both the Florida House and Senate, having heard horror stories about guardianships run amok, are working on various measures to change the way guardians are appointed — and clarify the responsibilities they have to their wards. HB 5 is the proposal that would ...
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  • Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

    It’s quite shocking to consider the rapid advances in technology we have seen over last decade, not to mention how technology has infiltrated most aspects of our daily routines. Statistics vary from state to state, but anywhere from 30% to 50% of people with internet access have a social media account. Consumer use of cloud-based data storage services as well as e-commerce services are on the ...
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