Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Planning for Your Pets

    Dan was featured in this month's "Good Neighbor Magazine". He discusses planning for your pets, in case you become incapacitated. See page 24 for the full article. "Lucy is a ten year old Labrador retriever, and belongs to Dan Gasink and his family. She is one of three dogs in the law firm of Johnson, Gasink and Baxter, LLP, a business that focuses on trusts, estates and elder law. “We’re a three ...
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  • Estate Planning and Wills for the Young or Single

    We all need Estate Planning, no matter if you are 18 or 98, your wishes need to be written down and you need someone who you trust to be able to make decisions on your behalf, in case of incapacity. This weeks blog looks specifically at Estate Planning for those individuals who are young, single, or have few assets. "Even if you aren't rich and don't have children or a spouse, you still need to ...
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  • Money Mishaps

    This article called "Money Mistake for Seniors and Retirees", written by Tom Orecchio, provides advice regarding how to avoid money mistakes as you enter into retirement age. "Nothing guarantees you sufficient money to cover all possible cost in retirement, but you can steer clear of some common mistakes as you enter your golden years..." ...
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  • Which Financial Documents Do I Keep?

    This article written by Gary Brooks, will help understanding which financial documents to keep, and for how long you should keep them. "Are you tired of the ever-increasing volume of financial documents, but not sure what you can toss? What follows is a general guide of what records to keep and for how long..." ...
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