Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • President Obama Calls for Advisors to be Held to a New Fiduciary Standard.

    Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech calling for financial advisors who advise people on investing their on Individual Retirement Accounts to be held to a fiduciary standard. At JGB we have always stressed the need to have a good advisor who you know, trust, and who will put your interests first. While we do not provide any financial advice, we are happy to recommend folks who will take good ...
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  • Robin Williams- Fame, Fortune, and The Answers to His Estate

    Please take a look at the following article in the New York Times about Robin Williams’ estate plan. It’s quite unfortunate that the estate plan didn’t provide sufficient detail and clarity to keep his wife and children from bickering over his assets. -Spencer
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  • What Does Obama's New Budget Have To Do With Your Estate?

    Obama calls for major tax changes with estates. This link from MSN Money discusses in detail what the proposed changes are and how they could effect you. -Jeremy
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