Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Firearms and Estate Planning

    Please read this article "Safety First: The Transfer of Firearms and the Case for Gun Trusts" written by Michael McClintock, JD, to learn more about planning for the future of your firearms. "There’s a widespread misconception that the only gun owners in need of special consideration for firearms in their estate planning are those individuals who own a very valuable collection (i.e., expensive, ...
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  • Estate Planning Pitfalls

    Please take a moment to read through this great article by Consumer Reports. It gives an unbiased opinion on the top pitfalls of estate planning.
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  • Retirement and Estate Planning

    In the attached article "Big Retirement Mistake: Boomers With NO Estate Plan" written by Rodney Brooks, discover how Estate Planning is part of financial planning. Brooks writes " Many Baby Boomers are neglecting a key part of their retirement - creating an estate plan. And while death is not a pleasant thing to think about, death without an estate plan can create havoc for your surviving family ...
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  • Is someone calling from the IRS?

    In the attached article "If A Caller Says, 'I'm With the IRS', He's Not" written Marilyn Geewax, learn about recent IRS scams and how to avoid them. -Jeremy
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  • Saying Thank You in an Unconventional Way

    Please take a look at a great article about Dean Smith. Through his estate plan he was able to show how much he cared about every player he ever coached.
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